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Cypher Patterns

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4 thoughts on “Cypher Patterns

  1. Thanks for this. Nicely explained. Did you do the course with Jason and Akil or did you pick this pattern up somewhere else. If you reply, maybe leave comment on my G+ page, not sure if i get email notification from this.

  2. Gilbert L on said:

    Thank for this clear explanation…Somewhere you say : “I’ve included a vdeo later in this module where I’ll show you some advanced ways to trade the Cypher”. Could you please tell me where I can watch this video. Thank you.

    • Hi Gilbert,

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      The Cypher Rules of Engagement you in this page is a set of screen captures I took off a forum thread. You can find it here:

      Back then when I first created this page, I was searching around for the rules for this new Cypher Harmonic Pattern that I’ve heard about when I stumbled upon the forum thread which showed the rules of engagement. So I took the screenshots to keep a record for my own reference in this blog page.

      So coming back to your question about the video, I don’t have it. The comment was made by the original author of the rules of engagement in that forum thread.

      So sorry to disappoint you. Anyway, please visit that forum thread. There’s plenty of useful information about Harmonic Trading in there.

      Lastly, if you find my blog useful, please tell your friends about it too. Thanks a bunch!

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